Tuesday, January 26, 2010

DIY-Project: Acid Wash

Hey guys,
last summer I felt in love with bleaching my jeans. but I also created this shirt. it is a lot of fun! you should try it!                                                                 

Step 1: Just buy a cheap shirt (the fun thing is that you never know for sure how the color will look like after bleaching it), bleach stuff, a cord (Kordel),an empty spray bottle,sponge,old gloves(alte Handschuhe); Step 2: make sure that you wear old clothes and your bath tub is resistent against bleach. And better also put a shawl aorund your mouth because it is not healthy. Step 3: Fill the spray bottle with bleach, wear your gloves (hand protection) and put the shirt into the bath tub. Step 4: You can create different effects. the best is just try everything with an old, useless shirt for the first time. Effect of the spray bottle: a lot of small dots. it is good for a basicEffect of the sponge: Put some of the bleach on the sponge and levigate it in some directions. This looks greatEffect of the cord: Take a part of the shirt and make a knot. then take the bottle of bleach and let just a bit of the stuff run over it. wait a few mintues and than open the knort. you will see beautiful circles. For each of the effects you have to wait a few minutes. you can see how the color will change and decide on your own when you want to put it in the washing maschine. I hope this was helpul! just ask if there are still some questions. Oh and I also created a shorts. I will post it for you!


  1. Wow that looks soooo good! I am 100% going to try this now...thanks for the inspiration! I hope you can check out The Fashion Smoke and follow us too, we're following you now :)


  2. wow, das ist ja mal echt gelungen!!! wie hast du das denn gemacht???? bin grade total begeistert!

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