Sunday, November 29, 2009

Bad romance

Uff what a week! I spend my time, preparing a presentation about product differentiation and I also had to write a report. But today I had a wonderful evening and it was the first time I could wear my new shoes!!! I watched twilight and I liked it, altough it is not comparable to the first one. but this is just normal I guess. So here are some pictures I made when I came home! Good night to everybody!!!

Armlet: Ibiza/market; Nailpolish P2 (017 elegant); Ring: Bijou Brigitte

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Lovely times

Wanna  meet with my girls again! Love it to speak about new styles while eating a lot of unhealthy stuff:)

 Yammi Yammi

Hair-band H&M

         My friend's home! Love her room and the shoes on the wall:)

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Eivissa Impressions

It is so cold!!! I want to be in Ibiza again. This island is so amazing and the people are really inspiring. Ibiza city with its old fort and small streets but also the hippiemarket "Las Dalias" offer a lot. Although it took us 3 hours to come to the market, it is really worth it. After a hard battle with the spanish bussystem we actually arrived and were impressed by all these nice stands. But there was one girl, which was soooo cool. All her stuff was selfmade and she looked like pocahontas:) I also bought a bracelet!

      This is the bracelet I got from the nice girl! I prefer to wear it on my leg! 

                    Ibiza City                 

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Braided hair styles

Good morning!I think it is time to make something new with my hair. All this braided hair styles offer the possibility to make something new with your appearance. But there are a dozens of pattern from simple to complex. On the one hand I prefer this cute and romantic versions, but on the other hand there are also this braids which create a more strict style. SO here are my choices I will try during the next days:

                              Rope braid

                          Fishbone braid

                            "Heidi style"

                   One sided version


Hey everybody!

The first time I realized that this great fashion blogs actually exist, I searched for information how to bleach my old jeans. After a while it was part of my daily routine to check my favorite fashion blogs (especially the swedish). And last night I had the glorious idea to create my own blog. So here I'm!